Mariëtte Reyneke

Role in the project: EduLAw external quality controller
Institution: University of the Free State

Mariëtte specialises in children’s rights in the education sector, in particular in the school discipline context. Restorative practices informs her research and teaching in this regard. She teachers the broad spectrum of education law topics to students in the post graduate diploma and honours programmes and (co) supervise masters and PhD students in education law. She is currently exploring a few new research field namely administrative law in the education sector, the principles of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms and co-operative governance to reduce litigation and conflict between the Department of Education, the principal and school govenors.

Some publications:

  • Reyneke M. Realising the Child’s Best Interests: Lessons from the Child Justice Act to Improve the South African Schools Act. Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal. 2016. 19: 1-19.
  • Reyneke JM The development of the Best-interests-of-the-child concept by the South African Constitutional Court – Implications for school discipline. International Journal for Education Law and Policy. 2014. Special Issue 133- 158.
  • Reyneke JM. Children’s right to participate: Implications for school discipline. De Jure 2013. 46(1): 206-236.