European Law Association

European Association for Education Law and Policy

Since its establishment in 2011 as an ngo, ELA has delivered services, ranging from legal and policy advice, workshops, thematic seminars, annual conferences, intensive tranings, summerschools using video tutorials and instructional design for OER. Before being established formaly as an NGO, ELA has operated – since 1993 – as a thematic network of education law experts with his head quaters in Belgium.
ELA remains at its core a network and a ‘pool’ of education law and policy experts and research fellows, serving legal practitioners in education and stakeholders organisations, education policymakers, school principals and school boards, who exchange insights and peer review each other’s practices in workshops and seminars, intensive trainings, conferences and supports these experts in modern educational technologies and methodologies.
ELA has about 700 members who are informed on a regular basis by twitter and/or newsletters of the activities.
From 1993 onwards, ELA has published the International Journal for Education Law and Policy and annual yearbooks on education law and policy. The aim is to disseminate new academic insights to lawmakers, practitioners and education policy makers, and to address gaps in the current supply of academic research on education law. It also laid the foundations for the UNESCO chairs on the Right to Education, presently established in Belgium and in Brazil.