Battulga Dorj

Academic coordination.
Dr. B. Dorj was educated at the Mongolian National University of Education, School of Social Sciences 
He followed additional training on inter alia “Inclusive Education” for teachers of teacher training HEI, funded by United Nation’s Children’s Fund (2014); Teacher Training on Distance Education, National Center of Non-Formal Education, Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture (2009) and Intensified Training on Education Psychology by professor D.Perin, University of Columbia, USA (2014)

Some publications:

  • Current social requirements for students /Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference on Language, Culture and Intercultural Relations, Ulaanbaatar, 2018. Pages 228-230/
  • Behavioral Survey of Students in the Teacher Profession (on the example of the University of Science and Technology) / Proceedings of the Higher Education Reform-Teacher Development Conference, Khovd, 2018. Pages 196-200 /
  • Proceedings of a conference on the comparison of students’ personalities with the types of minds / Modern problems of psychology, theoretical and practical research. Ulaanbaatar, 2018. Pages 107-114 /
  • A study comparing students ‘personal characteristics with their mental characteristics /Assessment of students’ attitudes towards teaching profession. Ulaanbaatar, 2019. Pages 136-144/
  • Results of a study comparing students’ personal characteristics with their mental characteristics / Proceedings of an international scientific conference on the natural conditions, history, language and culture of Western Mongolia and its neighboring areas. Khovd, 2019, pages 284-290 /
  • A study comparing students’ personal characteristics with mental types /Proceedings of a scientific conference on modern theoretical and practical research in psychology, pages 107-114/