Intensive Training for Undergraduate Students, 11 May 2022, Khovd (Mongolia)

On 11 May 2022, a workshop for undergraduate students on “Education Challenges and Inclusive Education in the Western Region of Mongolia” was organized at Khovd University. The purpose of the training was to get acquainted with the problems and challenges of inclusive education in the western region of Mongolia. Research done by students majoring in Preschool Education, Primary School Education, Mongolian Language and Literature, Law, and Social Sciences was shared with other students and teachers. They have talked about the challenges for teachers to implement inclusive education, the right to education of children with disabilities, the legal framework in force, and methods to increase student participation in inclusive education. The workshop reflected on the current situation of inclusive education at Khovd University, their attitudes and the need for a course on inclusive education for future teachers and, more generally for the Mongolian citizens as a whole.