Big D&S and training events, 9-15 November 2023, Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia)

Khovd branch school of National University of Mongolia conducts dissemination events in November 2023.
Each event takes place in visiting the organizations and institutions in charge of people with disabilities or the education and learning of students and children (including kindergartens) with disabilities and special needs depending on the schedule of these organizations and institutions.
Moreover, the National University of Mongolia conducts a one-month campaign in the Khovd province under the slogan “Not difficult, but friendly”, including the topic of inclusive education.
The D&S events aim at raising awareness about inclusive education and at fostering inclusion of persons with disabilities and special needs in society.
They also aim at distributing and giving visibility to the deliverables including the online video tutorial with sign language for deaf and hard of hearing students and the textbooks on inclusive education and the glossary in Mongolian.
The D&S events are also a way to support external organisations to adopt inclusive friendly policies and to get acquainted with the project’s newly-developed online learning materials.