MELINC National Conference, Ulaanbaatar, 15-16 December 2023

The MELINC National Conference delves into the results of “Teachers Training for Inclusion in Mongolia.” The project’s goal is to enrich, update, and implement the content of the concept, theory, and practice of inclusive education and teaching in the curriculum of Mongolian universities with teacher training departments.
Over 70 participants, including representatives from the EU delegation in Mongolia, the Government of Mongolia, the Ministry of Education, the General Education Authority, the National University of Mongolia, Otgontenger University, the People with Disabilities Rights Association NGO, Association of Persons with Wheelchairs, Save the Children Foundation, and staff of teacher training departments, participated in the National Conference.
The MELINC project team also discussed “Strategies, policies of Inclusive education, and ways to create an accessible learning environment.” Recommendations for policies were formulated during the conference.