Field visit to the Mongolian partners (Ulaanbaatar / Khovd / Bayan-Ölgii / Dornod) by the EU grant holder and her team, 2024 (ongoing)

The grant holder, her team, and Mongolian project leaders went on field visits to the Altai Tavan Bogd sums, where children from remote mountainous areas reside in dormitories to fulfill their compulsory education. They gained a better understanding of the special educational needs of children in remote regions. By witnessing firsthand the educational facilities and support systems, including transportation available to children from remote areas living in dormitories, the team could assess the challenges and special needs in education of these children. Through these visits, the team could evaluate the feasibility of tailored interventions aimed at improving educational outcomes and addressing the specific needs of children in these remote mountainous areas. This included examining the accessibility and adequacy of educational resources, as well as assessing the support structures in place to facilitate the educational journey of these children.