Field visit to the Mongolian partners (Ulaanbaatar / Khovd / Bayan-Ölgii / Dornod) by the EU grant holder and her team, 2024 (ongoing)

A series of workshops took place at the Western Branch of the National University of Mongolia (KNUM), bringing together department heads from various disciplines including education, law, history, languages, and social sciences to deliberate on the extension of the MELINC project. The workshops served as a platform for interdisciplinary collaboration, recognizing the multifaceted nature of inclusive education and its intersection with diverse academic fields. During these sessions, participants discussed the follow-up application, exchanging ideas about integrating the principles of social rights and entrepreneurship to empower individuals with disabilities and special needs. Tailored programs aimed at fostering their labor market participation and lifelong learning skills were emphasized, with the overarching goal of promoting their inclusion and socioeconomic empowerment within Mongolian local communities.