Field visit to the Mongolian partners (Ulaanbaatar / Khovd / Bayan-Ölgii / Dornod) by the EU grant holder and her team, 2024 (ongoing)

A series of meetings was convened with NGOs working in the field of inclusion of vulnerable children and youngsters in Khovd aimag. The primary objective of these meetings was to discuss the feasibility of social entrepreneurship to enhance their lifelong learning skills for independent living. The application sought to bridge the expertise of social workers with professionals from diverse backgrounds such as engineers, biologists, and others. Social workers provided valuable insights into the specific challenges and needs faced by vulnerable youngsters in the region. They also explored potential synergies between their expertise and the skills possessed by engineers, biologists, and other specialists. The meetings served as a platform for collaboration and partnership-building between NGOs and professionals from different sectors to create sustainable solutions for the inclusion and well-being of vulnerable children in Khovd aimag.