Paul De Hert

Role in the project: legal expert
Institution: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Faculty of Law)

Paul De Hert is an international human rights expert. At VUB, Paul De Hert holds i.a. the chair of ‘Historical introduction to eight major constitutional systems’. In the past he also held the chair of ‘Human Rights’, ‘Legal theory’ and ‘Constitutional criminal law’.

He is the Director of the VUB-Research group on Fundamental Rights and Constitutionalism (FRC), Director of the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Law (Metajuridics) and core member of the internationally well-accepted VUB-Research group Law Science Technology & Society (LSTS) (see: In Tilburg he holds a position as associate professor in the Institute of Law and Technology at the Tilburg University (

Some publications:

  • Paul De Hert, Gellert Raphael, La non-discrimination comme réalité effective en Europe? Réflexions sur la procéduralisation du droit de l’égalité européen. Revue belge de droit constitutionnel (2012) 1(2012): 7-25.
  • Paul De Hert, De Vries Ekaterina, Bellanova Rocco, Gutwirth Serge (2011) The German Constitutional Court Judgment on Data Retention: Proportionality Overrides Unlimited Surveillance (Doesn’t It?). In: Computers, privacy and data protection: an element of choice. Springer, pp. 3-24.