Gracienne Lauwers (grantholder)

Role in the project: grantholder of the project
Institution: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Faculty of Law & Teacher Education Institute)

Gracienne Lauwers, Lic. Iur. (Belgium), Lic. Arts. (Belgium), Ph.D. Law (Netherlands) is professor of Law who specializes in European law, international law, human rights, and education law.

Alongside positions as professor at Free University Brussels, Trento University, Vilnius University, Vytautas Magnus University, University of the Free State and Tirana Business University, Professor Lauwers provides advice to ngo’s, governmental agencies and individuals on legal issues in her areas of expertise. She was the recipient of the 2012 “Best Professor” award from the UA FSW OOW students. She worked as vice-dean for international relations at the Vytautas Magnus University Law Faculty.

Professor Lauwers combines her intellectual research work with advocacy work and is co-founder of the Education and Law Alliances foundation, which aims to advance the protection of the right to education and rights in education for all. She is PI/grantholder of European Union grants including Erasmus+ CBHE grants allowing her to galvanise her passionate commitment to education and the law to advance the realisation of the right to education and rights in education for vulnerable pupils and teaching staff in non-EU countries.

Areas of expertise:

  • European, International and Comparative Law
  • Human Rights
  • Education Law

Some publications:

  • Gracienne Lauwers (ed), Introduction to Law and Rights in Education, 2019, Wolf legal Publishers, 178 pages
  • Marta Kowalczuk, Gracienne Lauwers, and others (eds), Rethinking Teacher Education for the 21st century pages, 2019, Verlag Barbara Budrich, 402 pages
  • Gracienne Lauwers, The impact of the European Convention on Human Rights on the Rights to Education in Russia: 1992-2004, Nijmegen, WLP, 2005, 600 pages
  • Gracienne Lauwers and others (eds.), Language and Education, Nijmegen, WLP, 2015, 418 pages
  • Gracienne Lauwers and others (eds.), Inequality in Education, Nijmegen, WLP, 2008, 223 pages
  • Gracienne Lauwers and others (eds.), Religious Education in Public Schools: Study of Comparative Law, 2005, Springer, 400 pages, ISBN 1402038623
  • Gracienne Lauwers and others (eds.), Special Education, 2003, Kluwer Academic Pub, 228 pages