Eva Staels

Eva Staels is Research fellow at Vrije Universiteit Brussel Faculty of Psychology & Educational Sciences Department of Clinical and Lifespan Psychology.
She is Doctor in the Psychology (2016) on the doctoral Dissertation: “Cognitive causes of dyslexia: new hypotheses investigated using improved methodologies”.
She also holds a Master in Educational Sciences (2010) with the Master Dissertation: “An empirical study on the remedial effects of read aloud software for poor readers.” 

Her recent books include:

  • Staels, E., & Van den Broeck, W. (2017). A specific implicit sequence learning deficit as an underlying cause of dyslexia? Investigating the role of attention in implicit learning tasks. Neuropsychology, Vol. 31(4), 371-382.
  • Staels, E., & Van den Broeck, W. (2015). No solid empirical evidence for the SOLID (Serial order learning impairment) hypothesis of dyslexia. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. Vol. 41(3), 650-669.
  • Staels, E., & Van den Broeck, W. (2015). Orthographic learning and the role of text-to-speech software in Dutch disabled readers. Journal of Learning Disabilities, 48, 39-50.